Hitting the Target

Screw form, go hard all the time… It’s a good workout!

If you read the subject line you need to be shaking your head. Everything about it is WRONG!

The myth that you’re getting a good workout by going hard is just that, a myth. Sure in the moment your heart is beating out of your chest and your lungs are on fire, calories are burning. However, if going hard leads to improper movement and the breakdown of mechanics, it absolutely increases the risk of injury and will ultimately lead to aches and pains and inconsistent training. Going hard is NOT sustainable and does not contribute to a healthy lifestyle!

It is really unfortunate that so many fitness programs fail to educate about proper movement mechanics, never build kinesthetic awareness, and do not promote movement accountability. Oh boy, we dropped big words… Kinesthetic awareness is essential. It is the natural adaptation to know where your body is in space, how you move, and how your brain makes your body move! Look for more on kinesthetic awareness in a future post!

Why are we writing about this? Because we care about preventing injury, providing quality coaching, and helping people achieve their fitness goals safely. With us or without us! 

In this blog we aren’t going to geek out (more than we already have) on training technique and movement standards but, we are going to talk about a very important question and how it relates to balancing form with intensity.

Drum roll – It is Question Time…

The question is “Why are you training?”

Everybody has a why and maybe it is a few “whys.”

To lose weight

To be healthy

To be stronger

To be a competitor

To keep up with kids

To be a better athlete

To be a better spouse

To be adventurous


To live longer

To stop taking medications

You get it, the possibilities are endless!

If you train with us, you know your why or you’ve thought about it. We talk about it in class and definitely during our “No Sweat Consultations.” The cool thing about whys is that they constantly change. If you aren’t 100% sure or don’t have a why, take a minute and spend some time finding it, because they are invaluable.

We meant like right now! Write down 5 “Whys” on an index card and put the index card next to your bed. It’s fine the blog will be here when you get back. Before you go to bed, read it, in the morning, read it, constantly evaluate them, add to it, but make sure they stay on the forefront of your mind. YOUR WHY IS A BIG DEAL! It is what keeps you accountable and training consistently. We aren’t going to dictate your “Whys” but we need one to be on the list. You are training TO ENJOY LIFE! No doubt, right? We train one hour a day to live for twenty-three! Making sure that enjoying life is on your list drives home how important it is to train safe and balance form with intensity.

Let’s explain it in a little more depth – we are about to drop an analogy, hang with us…

Imagine you are an archer and you have three targets. You are going to shoot ten times at each target while increasing intensity.

Target One: you take your time and hit the target every single time, you were accurate but, to slow to be effective.

Target Two: you increase intensity and hit the target nine out of ten times, you were accurate and relatively fast, combined this proved to be effective.

Target Three: you really increase the intensity and hit the target two out of ten times, you were lightning fast but, not accurate, therefore ineffective and slightly dangerous.

Now change hats and imagine you are someone training, an athlete. An athlete that needs to be effective. To do that there has to be a balance between form and intensity.

When an athlete goes fast and starts getting sloppy it hinders progress and increases the risk for injury. When an athlete does every movement perfectly but, is extremely slow with no intensity, yes, they will be safe but, it will also hinder progress. Strive for the balance and know when you miss a movement or your form breaks down a little. It is time to pause, take a deep breath, focus on WHY you are training, and fix the mistake! Aim for perfection but know it is okay to miss once in a while as long as you continuously correct and are aware of your mistakes. Practice makes perfect!

That is why you are training with us! We help you find the balance but, know form always takes precedence. We do not want you to start doing silly things in the gym and get all wild. We are here to help and make sure you stay dialed in. Personal accountability is important. Find the balance and strive to be better every day. When you start getting wild, dial it back, listen to us, and most importantly listen to YOURSELF! When you are so perfect you aren’t actually working out, dial it up, we promise you’ll hear us ask you to work harder.

It doesn’t matter if you train with us or not, you need to have insight into how you should adjust intensity levels based on your WHY, personal performance, and pride in personal accountability.

If you do train with us we are going to be beside you coaching every day because that’s what we love to do.

If you made it this far and haven’t written down your “whys” get to it!

Think about constant progress!

Be Nice – Be Humble – Work Your Ass Off!

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