Success isn’t a number on a scale

Why a scale shouldn’t define you.

Scales tell endless lies, not in a quantitative sense, more like lies of omission.

If we were in the business of selling gold the scale would be tool number one! To determine the value of gold only one data point is needed, weight.

Our value is determined very differently! Our value is measured by having success and confidence, and being healthy, strong, fit, and BETTER AT LIFE! That number on the scale is meaningless without the context. When a person steps on a scale, one data point is collected. To accurately determine our value WE NEED MORE! A scale is a miniscule piece in a huge puzzle.

Your value is not determined by the number on a digital display.

Scales can’t SEEthe look of surprise and pleasure on your kid’s face when you have the energy to join them in play. The scale didn’t see you easily scoop them up and carry them around for 30 minutes without tiring. Your scale doesn’t see you leading by example and showing your family how to lead active and healthy lives.

Scales can’t FEEL fatigue and illness – You know that you slept like a baby last night for the first time in months. That you felt energetic and ready to face the day without the benefit of three cups of coffee. Your scale doesn’t know that you physically feel better than you have in years and chronic fatigue is a hallmark of the past. Your persistent joint pain and digestive troubles are gone, your blood pressure has dropped to normal levels, and you reduced or eliminated the need for medication.

Scales can’t WORK HARD or make SOUND DECISIONSThe meal prep you did yesterday and the vegetables that, you know what, actually came out damn tasty, that was work! Your scale doesn’t know you gave up the fight with food. You don’t avoid foods out of fear or guilt and you don’t “have to” eat certain foods because they’re on your diet; you simply appreciate how you feel when you eat healthy foods. Your scale doesn’t know you’re no longer a slave to sugar cravings and you don’t use food as reward or punishment. Your scale doesn’t know that when you do eat less healthy foods, it’s a deliberate indulgence and you enjoy every bite. You are making sound decisions and the scale hasn’t a clue.

Scales can’t be PREPAREDBut when you packed a healthy lunch instead of picking up fast food, you were prepared. Your scale doesn’t know that you felt such confidence in yourself that you didn’t think to be nervous when delivering that presentation. Your scale doesn’t know how focused you feel and the mental clarity you have when you work, in place of the old afternoon brain fog. Your scale doesn’t know you’re more patient, optimistic, and that you respond better to stress but, your coworkers, children, and spouse do. You have the confidence to try something new. You are constantly improving and becoming more prepared for life.

Scales don’t have EMOTION – But you feel stronger, more confident, and have the mental toughness to take on whatever challenges come your way. Your scale doesn’t know how proud you are that you’ve been consistently exercising for the longest you ever have in your life. It has no idea that you’re finally making time for yourself to be healthy because you are important. It doesn’t know you took the stairs without getting out of breath or that you chose to walk when you could have driven because you like how being active throughout the day makes you feel. Your scale doesn’t know you deadlifted more than you ever have before. It doesn’t know that you were able to run further and faster without stopping. It doesn’t know you’ve met supportive, friendly, likeminded individuals through your fitness community. It doesn’t know that you’ve finally started believing in yourself, just like they have believed in you all along.

Crazy that a simple tool, with a simple number can be so influential on our lives. The long and short is – your scale has absolutely no clue that every single day you are prioritizing healthy habits so that you can be the best version of YOU.

Your scale doesn’t even know you, so why would you let it define you?

Focus on health. Be healthy, be strong, be better at life. The numbers you seek may follow, but you’re much, much more than a number. It’s time to break up with the scale or at least have the right relationship.

If you need some help we are here. Come chat with us and find out how we can help form healthy habits that will change your life.

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