Competing to win – what is a win?

Fitness competitions, challenges, and events are continuously evolving and enhancing the experience for anyone that strives to be better at life. Everyone has a little piece of competitiveness, maybe to see where you rank against your peers or to just look in the mirror and say “YES, I can do that.” Competitions or fitness challenges are healthy, for your mind, body, and well-being. It could be an adventure race, a 5K, a CrossFit competition, a ninja challenge, or a GoRuck – it doesn’t matter, embrace it and have fun. It seems silly, but a lot of people are turned off by competition. The fears of failure, the lack of experience, the anxiety of the unknown, and lastly the fact that you probably aren’t going to win, it all plays a factor. Here is some advice – SCREW ALL THAT! Have fun and prove to yourself what you are capable of doing, wins aren’t always based on the score.

If you’ve trained at CrossFit Gettysburg you know Coach Taylor – she is constantly pushing the performance envelope, setting the example for our daughters, and throwing weight overhead we all strive to deadlift… Coach Taylor is no stranger to competing, and recently she participated in a single day competition, Xtreme Games at CrossFit Extreme in Martinsburg, WV. Keep reading because you are about to get a glimpse of a real win – a lot of them.

Coach Taylor reminisces about winning her latest competition.

The weekend has ended, and the dust has settled. When it was all said and done I wasn’t standing on top of the podium, but does that mean I walked away a loser? NO! Let me explain – yes, of course I’m disappointed that my name wasn’t called. I wasn’t in one of those top spots, and I didn’t win an awesome prize. But I walked away as a winner.

Win #1 – Watching my brother compete and do really well in his first competition

Win #2 – Performing better than practice in each workout

Win #3 – Establishing a new Personal Record in the strength event

Win #4 – Being pushed outside my comfort zone and competing alongside amazing women

Win #5 – Enjoying the day with the support of my friends and family

Win #6 – Controlling the things I had control over – taking each workout and each rep as it happened

Win #7 – Being humbled by the numerous compliments from athletes, spectators, and competition organizers/judges on my attitude, athleticism, and technique

When I stop and think about the entire day, in my own right, I walked away a winner. Of course, there are always things to work on, but that’s one of the best things about CrossFit and life in general, we can always improve. Find the small victories, celebrate them, and use them to continue driving you forward. Always strive to be a better version of yourself – be better tomorrow than you were yesterday.

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