The Lean Forward Fitness Challenge

Do not sell yourself short!

Performed in a safe, motivating environment, the Lean Forward Fitness Challenge will shred fat and build muscle like no other program. There is no better way to get in incredible shape. Unfortunately, the mental aspect is what keeps people from training and seeing success – being consumed by the self-doubt and anxiety about starting. Time to change!

We are not crazy cult people who fight wild animals in dungeons. We are extremely passionate about helping people and that is why we created the Lean Forward Fitness Challenge. We aim to help anyone and everyone. Maybe you are a beginner in the fitness world, maybe you’ve never been to a gym, or maybe you are a former athlete. Regardless the goal is the same – build a foundation for success.

Over our 6-week program, we are going to create training and nutrition habits that will carry on outside our walls.

You’ll start by setting a goal, recording some stats, and receiving our nutrition manual and guidance to follow throughout the entire course. We are real world people, and this is real world nutrition.

The nutrition aspect is tough but essential it is part of the challenge! You will have the right tools, the right team, and the right support system. In the gym you’ll be training three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM. It is square one – learning bodyweight movements, barbell movements, and what high-intensity functional fitness is.

It will be hard but fun! And yes, there will be times you will want to quit. In fact, that’s where the name Lean Forward came from, wanting to quit. In the Marine Corps, they complete long hikes, 10-25 miles with full combat loads, up to 100lbs. There is always a point where Marines want to quit. Yes, United States Marines want to quit. But, the desire to finish the challenge and reach a goal surrounded by like-minded individuals motivates Marines to continue. The only option is to lean forward and put one foot in front of the other!

Disclosure – I was in the Marines. It is a real life story.

In the Lean Forward Fitness Challenge, we strive to create a motivating team environment – it is like no other. You will have a support system for success. Sure, this all can be a little intimidating and scary, but you have absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

The Lean Forward Fitness Challenge is the single best way to reach your fitness, weight loss, and personal goals.

I’m Ready to Start the Challenge

Now that you have the Lean Forward mindset, it is time to learn why it exists and why you should start now!

The exact scenario we are going to explain happens every day. It is a real story and is one of the many reasons why our gym is here in Gettysburg. Emergency care providers run thousands of emergency calls every day. Of those thousands of calls, this is one.

A Mid-Night Run

At 2:00 AM the tones sounded and units dispatched to a residence for trouble breathing. On arrival, there was no one, silence, and a dark house. Gaining access to the patient was the first task. Responders managed to scale a fence and enter the residence through the back door.

Once inside the residence there was a muffled sound, someone with severe respiratory distress. Moving towards the sound responders rounded the corner and saw a morbidly obese female patient, less than 50 years old, chair ridden, surrounded by 2 liter bottles of soda and bags of candy. While investigating the problem and starting treatment, responders determined that her home oxygen line had become disconnected. Unable to move, she was not capable of restoring it herself.

The malfunction was located and her oxygen supply was restored. Ultimately it relieved her breathing discomfort, but the scene was vivid and disheartening.

How could someone get to this point? She was not only dying but was killing herself.

Yes, that particular call moment and story is an extreme situation, but without proper diet and exercise, the illnesses associated with poor habits can happen to anyone.

This is why you need to do something now. If you don’t begin taking care of your health today, then the excuse of “I’ll start tomorrow,” turns into next month, which turns into next year and next year turns into never. Our lives are short and we should be capable of living them to our maximum potential.

Now let’s start talking about the type of training CrossFit Gettysburg does. There is no denying we do functional fitness at a high intensity. Oh boy, what does that mean – it’s going to be scary right? Wrong!

You’ve likely heard, or even spoken some of these fear-based excuses:

I can’t start I’m not in shape.

High-intensity training is too hard.

People get hurt.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up.

I don’t want people to judge me.

…The list goes on.

The Reality

Regardless of your current physical state, everyone that comes through our doors has the physical capacity to do what we do and be successful!

We have trained thousands of athletes, and we continuously put the rumors and myths to rest. We aren’t going to lie and say what we do is easy, because it isn’t. But know that you are more than capable. The reward for a little hard work is that high-intensity exercise is proven to be effective.

If you are still hanging in there and finished reading this post, you are ready!

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