Walking among THE REDWOODS

Redwood trees are the largest trees on earth. Towering at heights over three hundred feet and living for two thousand years.

What is the most amazing thing about redwood trees?

A redwood tree starts as a single seed that is 1/8″ long. The seed sprouts, grows, and eventually, another seed drops, sprouts and grows. Then it keeps happening, over and over. Next thing you know, there is a forest of redwood trees towering hundreds of feet in the air.

And then…

It becomes a redwood forest. People encounter the forest, and it is impossible not to be humbled, motivated, and inspired by the incredible growth.

In a cycle of life, redwood tree analogy way, I just described the culture of CrossFit Gettysburg.

The gym was a seed that sprouted and is growing!

Coaches are continuing to grow while watering and making sure our members get just the right amount of sun (or burpees…).

Members are growing, absorbing everything and sharing the water and the sun (I still mean burpees…) with anyone in need.

The most amazing thing about our gym?

We are a redwood forest. Towering above, sprouting, growing, and living life to the fullest by being healthy, strong, and happy (for at least two thousand years).

We all drop seeds
look out for each other
encourage growth
understand growth has different speeds
share the growth
weather the storms

When people encounter CrossFit Gettysburg, they are humbled, motivated, and inspired by all of us collectively striving to grow!

And that is why the culture of CrossFit Gettysburg is so amazing.

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