I can never be good because…

What does it mean to take responsibility and control of our training?

It means get in the trench, get focused, and do work, like grinding it out every day. Putting our best effort to the test when we step in the gym. Leaving blood, sweat, and tears on the floor, (that’s getting serious, but you get it right). Digging deep because it hurts bad. But, because of it? Tomorrow we will be better.

Failure isn’t an option. Remember?

There is no…

The workout is for short people
The workout is for tall people
The workout doesn’t have wheelhouse movements
The workout requires experience
The workout is long
The workout is short

You get the idea fill in “The workout…” however you want.

When doubt creeps in, take responsibility, own it, face it, conquer it. Our work ethic, mindset, and training habits will determine results. Comparing ourselves to others and finding excuses does one thing, it supports our shortcomings.

We have to flip the script, look in the mirror and face our fears.

We need to ask ourselves…

Why aren’t I as good as I want to be?
What can I do to be at my greatest potential?
How can I get to where I want to go?

Think carefully. The answers will never be cheating the fundamentals and dismissing the sacrifice of consistency.

Making excuses is just that, making excuses. We need to commit to being better, facing weaknesses, and finding the best version of ourselves.

It starts with a positive mindset, dedication, commitment, and drive.

We can all be better. We can all be stronger. We can all go faster.

Don’t compare. Don’t complain. Control what we can control.

Do work.

Coach – Taylor Reinecker

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