Meet the Staff of CrossFit Gettysburg

Clay France / owner & head coach

I started my CrossFit journey in February of 2015. By November of that same year I took my L1 and began our extensive internship process to become a coach. I became a part-time coach by spring of 2016.  I was a wrestler and pole vaulter in high school. I am a farrier by profession and spent most of my life working on, around or under horses. In June of 2018 I purchased CrossFit Gettysburg. I am a natural teacher and a firm believer in mastering the fundamentals before moving up in intensity. I am passionate about helping people become a better version of themselves than they can imagine.  Who you are now or what you were in the past does not determine who or what you can be in the future



Shawn Waybrant / coach

I started making a change to my lifestyle about 10 years ago. I started by eating better and exercising. Eventually I got into running and really started to get healthier. I figured out I didn’t like running in the cold so that got me to start going to crossfit. I really enjoyed Crossfit Gettysburg because of its community and how classes are set up. I decided to get my level 1 this summer because I wanted to get more involved with the gym. I’ve coached a few different sports and coaching is one of the things I truly enjoy doing. Crossfit Gettysburg has changed my life in so many wonderful ways and I wanted to be part of it. One fun fact about me is I am afraid of heights and hate flying. People find that amusing because I am so tall! My personal goal for crossfit is to make a new category, it will only be for people over 6 ft. tall!! 🙂 I love traveling anywhere and would love to get to a few foreign destinations including Ireland, Norway, France, and Germany.


Pat Quinlan / coach

For me, CrossFit is more than just getting physically fit.  True, it is very effective at helping people lose weight, grow muscle, and build endurance.  But, I found out early on that there was something more going on here. The longer I participated in the sport, I found myself fostering more abstract qualities.   For example: Humility… this is the first quality that all CrossFitters (one who participates in CrossFit) develop [willingly or unwillingly] because no one has ever started CrossFit and succeeded at everything.  CrossFit found my weaknesses and exposed them, which allowed me to strengthen what I otherwise might have blindly ignored. CrossFit is too varied to be automatically good at everything when starting. However, this is the beauty of the sport.  On any particular day in the Box (CrossFit gym) the workout can range from a long distance run to a maximal effort lift. Similar to life, I never know what challenges I may face on a given day. As an athlete, my duty is to rise to that challenge to the best of my ability, and somehow in the fires of that physical hardship, Grit and Determination are forged.  

Many days, this can seem daunting, but I rest in the knowledge that I have coaches and teammates to help me along.  I can bond with my neighbors and form friendships in these… let’s say… physically demanding situations. What we do at CrossFit can be extremely difficult at times and nearly impossible to do alone.  Together we inspire each other to push beyond our barriers and when we look back, we may wonder: “How did I do that?”

As a coach, I love seeing an athlete give their best effort.  Seeing an athlete pushing 100% is a thing of beauty that can be respected by all no matter what the performance is.   By coaching, I’d like to think that I’m giving back to the gym and community that I love, and inspiring those around me to live up to their potential both in and out of the gym.


Christine Heyser / nutrition coach

I have been doing CrossFit since CFGB opened in July of 2013. I have always liked to exercise but CrossFit is the first exercise regimen that made me feel strong, confident, and comfortable in my body. I like that the workouts are constantly varied and programmed for me, I just show up! CrossFit is something I make time for because it’s how I take care of taking care of myself physically and mentally and it’s where I see a lot of my friends!
I coach nutrition at CFGB because I believe that healthy food should taste good. I want to help others establish habits and routines that make healthy eating something that you just do, not something that saps your willpower and requires endless inconvenience. I am a certified Level 1 Precision Nutrition coach. I’m not a dietician and I don’t give nutrition advice to treat illnesses, but I am trained to help you with habit based, real food, non gimmicky ways to eat better so you can be your healthiest, happiest, and fittest both inside and outside the gym. I’m also a recovered science nerd with a BS in biochemistry and health sciences from Gettysburg College.
I am often spotted riding my bike across town or walking with my daughter or my two dachshunds. Some of my favorite downtown destinations include the farmers’ market, bakery, and library. My husband and I are also volunteer firefighter/EMTs in Gettysburg.

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